Why Outsource Your IT Support?

IT is an essential part of every business. Even the sole trader will have a computer set up to process orders and communicate with clients. When it comes to smaller businesses, the basics will include sales and marketing software, a purchasing system, accounts, HR and perhaps a logistics software package. Even if you are simply running the bare bones of a marketing and accounts solution you will need a small network. And, as you grow, you will find your computer hardware and software may no longer be able to catch up.

These are just some of the logical problems that come with a small business IT system, and perhaps the biggest problem is this: who fixes it when it goes wrong? Let’s be honest, computer systems are notorious for having problems here and there and while the old joke is to ‘switch it off and on’ there is usually more to it than that.

As a small business your budget is naturally guided towards marketing and sales, and a full-time IT maintenance team or individual is not something you can afford. What’s the answer? Rather than detailing ‘John from Accounts’ to be on hand and try and fix a problem because he has a little experience in programming, why not outsource your IT support to a professional outfit?

What Outsourcing Involves

When you look for a small business IT support service provider you will find there is plenty competition. This is because the industry understands there are many smaller companies that need professional IT support yet cannot afford to do it in house. These companies offer a full range of IT services and solutions and will help keep your system up and running and up to date 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at surprisingly sensible and affordable rates.

In fact, many smaller growing business have discovered that outsourcing the likes of regular backups and maintenance, support for when there are problems, and advice and consultation on new packages, hardware and upgrades is the most cost-effective way of keeping a computer network – and also any telephony system – well-maintained, backed up and in constant use. With support from your chosen IT service provider, John from Accounts can go back to doing his real job 100% of the time, and no longer has to worry about the extra burden put upon him before!

Services Provided

A good IT support company will not only provide you with the basics as mentioned above, but will also be able to work with you as your business grows to ensure you have a network and VOIP telephone systems that are able to grow with you, with the least possible extra investment.

The world of IT is also one that is greatly affected by rapid developments in technology, so it pays to have a partner with an eye on the industry who can keep you updated. Talk to a local IT support company now and see how they can help you save money and increase your efficiency in the most cost-effective manner.

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