Advanced CCTV Security for Commercial Properties

It’s a sad fact that there are more reasons than ever why commercial properties need security systems. No matter how large or small your business there will always be an enterprising thief ready to take advantage of an easy point of entry and take what can be sold. You may have the best available alarm system and the most secure locks, but you are never 100% safe.

A business is only protected to the best degree when it has installed all possible security systems. In this article we’re going to look at CCTV and how this established method of surveillance and protection has been subject to some impressive development in recent years.

Why You Need CCTV

Many of us associate closed circuit television systems with poor and unusable images that are not worth having. That is the past. The present allows for advanced camera systems that provide full quality imagery and also enable zoom for clarity purposes. This is why businesses of all sizes are turning to these modern CCTV systems to boost their security. Being able to monitor everyone entering and leaving the premises at your chosen points, and recognise them in full detail, is a major deterrent.

There’s a lot more to the current breed of CCTV system than simply recording an image, for technology has become advanced to the point where cameras can be designed with some very impressive functions. The following section should give an idea of how far we’ve come in CCTV technology over the past couple of decades.

What Modern CCTV Can Do

What is perhaps most innovative of all in terms of CCTV camera systems is that the most advanced can also be equipped thermal imaging functions. This allows for the camera to capture people who may be hidden by sight. As they are always emitting heat they can be seen by the camera. You may have seen these used by the police when searching with a helicopter to great effect.

There are also night vision cameras that are great in poor to zero light and use infra-red and LED technology to effectively see in the dark. These are even more advanced than other types of camera that are effective in poor light conditions. Whatever the situation in terms of available light, there is a CCTV camera that can see what is going on and detect the presence of humans or animals in the field of vision.

Such technology takes the concept of CCTV beyond a mere monitoring system and into the realms of true security provision when used alongside other security and prevention systems.


Put simply, no commercial security system should be without a CCTV element. With affordable systems available for hire on a temporary basis – great for events and festivals – or for purchase on an ongoing contract there is no reason not to include such a facility in your security budget. Have a chat to the experts now and see about upgrading your existing system to one that is up to date and effective.

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