Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

If there is one necessity in promoting your website, it’s getting onto the top pages of Google searches. To do this means satisfying Google’s algorithms, and the expertise needed to do so effectively can be beyond some of us. This is why we use keyword research tools. These give the most relevant and searched for keywords that allow for effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. SEO is not a ‘dark art’ but can also be complex, yet keywords are the starting point for SEO content. Let’s take a look at the top 5 keyword research tools.

1: ahrefs – among the most popular of the keyword research tools is ahrefs, who also offer several other tools useful for website performance analysis. Keywords Explorer is the ahrefs tool and it offers many impressive features. You can analyse everything from keyword difficulty ranking to click metrics and can search using a ‘Parent Topic’ for greater accuracy. Keyword Explorer covers not just Google but nine other search engines too.

2: Ubersuggest – among the more comprehensive of the keyword research tools is Ubersuggest. Heavily developed across the years, what started out as a Google keyword scraping tool now provides everything from keyword suggestions to content advice, plus website ranking and performance analysis. Easy to use and versatile, as well as being highly effective, Ubersuggest is definitely worth checking out in more detail as it has many satisfied users who testify to its worthiness.

3: Answer the Public – the premise of Answer the Public is that it uses Google searches relevant to your keywords, and tells you what people are asking. Thus, you get genuine real time insight into your customer base. This allows you to target trends that are happening, as well as see what the overall feeling and status of your product or service is. This is a powerful tool that can help users decide on relevant content that will bring in leads, and one that offers a slightly different approach to those mentioned above. For quality, relevant content creation, Answer the Public may be a very useful tool indeed.

4: Moz – one of the established players in the website analysis and keyword research market, Moz offers a family of tools that are used by many website owners with success. With keyword research providing analysis of competitors and difficulty ranking, plus website performance tracking, a site audit function and backlink analysis, Moz is attractive to businesses large and small and is a proven product with many satisfied users.

5: SEMrush – the SEMrush keyword research tool is just one of many solutions this innovative company provides, and it is a highly effective tool providing more than 18 billion keywords, plus backlink and site performance analysis. It’s an overall marketing tool with a lot to offer, and is also used by many satisfied users to enhance online visibility and increase lead generation.

That’s our choice of the top 5 keyword research tools available right now, so why not check them out and make sure you have the most effective keywords to boost your online marketing.

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