The Most Successful Computer Games Ever Made

Home computer games have been around since the technology first started to evolve during the 1980s. While the consoles of today might be far more advanced than the ones released a few decades ago, they’re increased in popularity considerably. Thankfully, prices have also come down, which means parents around the world no longer have to take out loans for their child’s perfect Christmas presents. With all that in mind, I’m going to take a few minutes out of my schedule today to highlight some of the most successful computer games ever made. It stands to reason that you should be familiar with them all, but it’s still worth taking a trip down memory lane, right?


Of course, these days it’s not always the consoles that provide the best gaming experience. Many of the hardcore players choose to purchase gaming laptops as they often come with better processors and graphics cards. However, most of the games mentioned in this post are pretty old, so you would have no trouble playing them on any modern machine.

Mario series

The Mario series first created and released by Nintendo has been extremely successful for the last two decades. It was spawned no less than 43 different games, and two films to date, one of which starred the late, great actor Bob Hoskins. Grossing over $1 billion dollars worldwide, Mario is by far the most popular and recognisable game character ever created.

Sonic The Hedgehog

You should all remember Sonic from your childhoods, right? He was a hedgehog with the ability to spin fast around courses and mazes filled with obstacles. The strangest thing about this character? He was completely blue and hung around with a sidekick known as Tails, whose real name was actually Miles. Grossing almost half a billion dollars in the first ten years, SEGA are still producing games featuring the animal to this day. The only real difference now is that they’re producing them for Sony and Microsoft consoles, rather than their own machines.


It might be one of the simplest games ever created, but Pacman is very addictive, which is why it make it’s way out of the arcades and into our homes during the late 1980s. To be completely honest with you, I still play this game today, and so do millions of other people. It’s difficult to work out how much this game has made over the years, as the rights have been owned by numerous different companies, but it’s pretty safe to assume that it is a LOT!


This is the most popular James Bond game ever sold around the world. It was first released with the Nintendo 64, but since then has been re-released for almost every other console produced. Indeed, you can even buy it today from your local games store for the new PS4 or Xbox One if you feel the inclination.

So, now you’ve read about some of the most successful games of all time, I wonder how many of you will climb into the attic later and dig out that old SNES and MegaDrive?

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