Why You Need AMP for WordPress

Are you frustrated that your WordPress site is not ranking high enough on Google? We all know that Google ranking is the key to getting your site seen, and there are endless sites offering information and advice on how to boost your page ranking. Some of these are excellent, some less so, but when it comes to a WordPress site, AMP is one solution that is widely used, and successfully. What is AMP and why do you need it for your WordPress website? That’s what we’re going to look at in this brief article.

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. What is it, and what does it do? Let’s start with the basics. The single most important factor in getting your website seen and used is its page loading speed. People are impatient, and they want to see the pages in front of them quickly. Bear in mind that more people access websites by mobile device than by desktop these days, and you’ll see how important this is.

Another reason that page load speed is important is because Google likes to see websites that provide a good user experience. A site with slow load speeds is not that, while one with faster speeds will be ranked higher by Google. It’s not the sole factor, but it is considered a very important one by the leading search engine.

How does AMP for WordPress help with this problem? AMP is an open-source solution that was first seen in 2015, and it is designed specifically to optimise page loading speeds. It is also optimised towards mobile users, and as a result is a very effective tool to use. As the majority of websites were designed primarily for desktop and laptop use, they can be slower when used on a mobile. This is due to the graphics and coding that are not designed for mobile users. How does AMP deal with this?

How AMP Works

Put simply, what AMP does is create a simpler, less cumbersome and more mobile friendly version of your site. We won’t go into the details of how it does so, as that would be getting very technical. Effectively, when you use AMP, you are better optimising your site for mobile users. This version of the site is then stored for use in Google’s own AMP cache. So, when someone on a hand-held device accesses your site, they get it much more quickly than without AMP.

The upshot of this is that more people will see your pages quickly, when they need to see them. It doesn’t take much for someone to be driven to another site, just a few seconds waiting for a page to load is enough. With AMP, that problem is overcome, and your site is instantly reachable. If you are having problems with your WordPress site, you need to check out AMP. It’s easy to implement and use, and will have your website loading quickly on mobiles in no time at all.

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