Why the Free Vectorizer Tool is the One for You

Do you work with digital images? Or perhaps you use them for fun on your social media or blogs? If so, you’ll be well aware of the problems that occur when you enlarge or scale up an image made from pixels. We’re going to talk about vector images and, in particular a tool called Vectorizer that may be the way to eliminate the problem, so let’s get started.

What is Vectorization?

A standard digital image is pixel-based, otherwise known as a raster image. That is, thousands of tiny dots if you like that come together to make the image work. This sort of image is produced by digital photography and by scanning an image. Enlarge it, however, and you lose the clarity as it is intended for display at the original size. What you need to do is change your pixel image to a vector image, but what does this mean?

A vector image is one that consists of lines, curves, and shapes rather than mere pixels. The vector image is not dependent upon resolution. In other words, it can be enlarged or reduced without losing clarity. However, the process of vectorization – that of converting the raster image into a vector image – is performed by computer and requires a specific tool. We’ll talk about why Vectorizer is that tool in a moment, but first let’s consider why you might need an image converting.

Who Uses Vector Images?

Take your company logo. You will probably have it from an original scan in raster format. That’s great when it’s used in that size or very similar, but if you enlarge it you begin to see it becomes poor in resolution. It will not look as sharp as you are used to, and that doesn’t present a great image of your company.

Vector images can be used in t-shirt printing, for example, or for printing on other objects. They are also necessary if you use a map or image that is to be followed by a plotter for any manufacturing process. So, how do you convert to a vector image, and why do we recommend Vectorizer?

Why Choose Vectorizer?

There are many vectorization tools and software packages around, but Vectorizer has one main claim: it is entirely free. There is no need to register or download software. It’s all there for you at the Vectorizer website. You simply go there, upload your image – you can even do it from your mobile phone – and create a vector image there and then. The file will be created for you to download for your own use.

Surely the paid-for versions provide better quality? In fact they don’t! Vectorizer provides images to the standard used in graphic design, with no quality drop off compared to paid services. You don’t need any knowledge of graphic design or packages to convert your raster image to a vector image, so why not try it right now, and share the knowledge of this useful free tool with your friends.

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