What is technical writing?

You are certainly wondering about the definition of this term and how to present it correctly in one sentence. Technical writing is a viewer-oriented means of communication that provides the reader with clear and easy access to information. The author of the text recognises, respects and draws attention to the importance of time in effective and efficient communication. The aim is to limit it as much as possible, while providing maximum value content. Technical writing characterises documents written in specific formats, using unambiguous language to send easily evaluated information. The variety of formal solutions is unnecessary in this case as it may mislead the customer. The introduction of certain rules of writing makes the text clear and clear, which is very important for technical writing. By applying the rules, the number of errors decreases, which is obvious. A technical journal always has a specific purpose and will always have a reader. The work should start by analysing the key data and the objectives for which the text is to be produced. The analysis includes drawing up a list of materials and documents necessary to produce a given text.

Types of technical texts and examples of them

Contrary to appearances, there are many types of technical texts. Let’s start by discussing the most popular form, the manual. This is one of the very difficult documents to write, and the author of the instructions is really required to use a specialized writing technique and apply certain rules – there is no room for lack of perfection here. The recipient must be given precise instructions that will allow him or her to handle the product correctly. An important aspect here is the instructions of the machines, which will be used continuously by their users. In addition, instructions are descriptions on products, such as colour cosmetics or beauty care products. Another type of technical writing are scientific and technical texts. These include, for example manuals, which must contain reliable knowledge from a proven source. These texts are used by pupils and students or inserted in academic journals. Another type of text that concerns IT includes information about source codes and header files. It can be used to create applications. The information leaflets are short and concise. Less precise than product sheets, but they require precision from the author. An important type of technical text today is API. To a large extent, they are instructions on what the user has to do, and therefore they are related to information technology. Very often these are applications that help you go through the steps in an online store, game or program. The last type discussed will be the step-by-step instructions that guide the user through the use of the device or service, and are called user guides.

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