What Is A Half Hourly Meter And How Does It Benefit Your Business?

As the owner of a small to medium sized business, you are probably always looking for ways to save money, particularly on your annual/monthly electricity bills.  If that is the case, you should consider having a half hourly meter installed.  In case you have never heard of these meters, found for instance at http://www.businessenergystore.com/half-hourly-meters, we will discuss them in the following post.

Half Hourly Meter – What is That?

Often referred to in the shortened form of HH meter, this is a special kind of electricity meter which analyses and records the amount of electricity used in half hourly intervals.  It then automatically sends the data down a landline connection to the electricity supplier, who then charges you based on this information.

Who Uses HH Meters?

In the UK there are businesses that operate in a number of different sectors and industries that rely on HH meters.  The one defining thing that all these companies have in common is that they all have high electricity consumption.  Therefore, if your business has a maximum half hourly electricity usage reading of 100kW, it is a legal requirement that you install a half hourly meter.

Is There A Way For Me To Know If My Company Already Has One?

Unless you contact your electricity supplier directly, you can find out if you are using an HH meter by looking at your meter’s supply number sticker.  If the Letter S has 00 next to it, then you already have an HH meter installed.

It is also worth mentioning though, that if your meter’s supply number sticker has the numbers 08, 07, 06 or 05 next to the letter S; your business may already have a HH meter.  However, in order to make sure of this you would need to contact your supplier directly and check with them.

Is There A Difference In The Pricing For Half Hourly Electricity And Standard Electricity?

Due to the fact that a HH meter will provide your supplier with accurate and current data about your company’s electricity consumption, they will be able to charge you for what you use.  Although this means that you could pay more money at certain times than you would on a standard tariff, there will be other times when it will help you save money as you will be charged less than you would be for a manual and estimated reading.

Additionally, because your company’s electricity will be monitored at half hourly intervals every day, you will be able to check if there is any times when you are using unnecessary high amounts of electricity.  You will then be able to use this data to ensure that you are never wasting electricity, making your company more energy efficient.  Along with the potential to streamline the amount you spend on energy, you will also be kinder to the environment because you are only ever using the amount of energy that your business needs.

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