The 5 Main Benefits Of Cloud Solutions

One of the most obvious and immediate benefits that cloud computing IT support, London or otherwise based, brings to a business is increased efficiency.  This is a result of services and applications are delivered and are ready to use in much less time, often hours and minutes over the more traditional weeks and months.  Besides the increase in efficiency however, there are many other benefits that we will discuss in the following article.

Increased Business Agility

Cloud computing helps get the computer resources you need at the time you need them which helps shorten the length of time different IT projects take.  It also helps deliver cheaper, faster results of better quality that could give a business the edge over their competition.

Easier To New Business Models

Readily available cloud computing services and solutions have meant that it is much easier to start business innovation initiatives.  By using these or combining them it can give a business innovative and new business models, producing new streams of revenue.  Many companies nowadays are building the entirety of their business models using cloud solutions.

There Are Less Or No Operational Issues

By using standardised services a company can reduce errors and issues.  This in turn can increase the continuity of a business’s operations and the things that really matter, rather than spending too much time on operational issues.  Cloud computing allows a company to use the same service or group of services repeatedly, producing the same results each and every time.

It Results In Better Use Of Resources

Along with all of the above, there is also the benefit of not having to spend less time on operational issues and much more efficient and effective projects means that a company’s employees have more time to spend on more useful activities that would add to the value of the business.  Though this benefit is much harder to quantify and would be different for each and every different organisation, people are the biggest asset to companies and this benefit of cloud computing allows a company the chance to utilise their assets in a much better way.

Another way the better use of resources benefits a company is based on the principle “economies of scale” Generally cloud service providers utilize physical resources more efficiently and reduce the energy consumption of a company.

There Is Less Capital Expense Overall

Although there is some debate about how valuable it is to exchange a CapEx or capital expense model for an OpEx or operational expense model.  The general consensus is that when it comes to short term and midterm projects, an operational expense is far more attractive because there isn’t a long term financial commitment required.  With an OpEx model there is no upfront investment required, which means that companies can start projects quicker, but also can end them just as easily without losing any investment in their cloud services.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that there are far more benefits for a business to gain from cloud services besides the increased efficiency.

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