Futuristic Gadgets and Pest Control Tech That Work

When you hear the words “pest control”, it’s likely you immediately think of things like poisons, rudimentary traps, and insecticides. In the past, those were the solutions of choice by the majority of pest control companies in London. Nowadays, however, thanks to the constantly evolving nature of technology in general, and within the pest control industry, there are a stunning array of futuristic and technological advanced pest control gadgets available.

With so many to choose from and so many different pest control companies operating now, it can be hard to know which are best to choose. Fortunately, in the following post, these London pest professionals have helped pick out some of the most useful from the current crop available.

Smartphone Gadgets

It seems as if everything can be done on smartphones these days. Now, the jury is still out on whether smartphone pest control apps work as well or better than other methods or not, there are many experts in the field that swear by them.

High-Frequency Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices that utilise high pitch frequencies are used as effective repellents for a variety of pests from insects to rodents. These are almost completely humane as they do not kill the troublesome animals or bugs, they just chase them away.

Electronic Zappers

While it’s true they have been available for a while, they are often found more commonly in hospitality businesses such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Designed target and destroy insects, particularly flies, wasps etc, these consist of a grid that has an electrical current running through it.

Basically, when the insects hit the grid they get zapped and killed.

Electronic Chemical Pest Control Devices

Although times have changed, chemicals and poisons are still used, sometimes in combination with more advanced pest control methods. For instance, there are electronic devices available that you use insect repellent chemicals with. These devices warm up the chemicals and release them into the atmosphere.

They are effective at killing and chasing flying insects away. However, they are not designed to target or remove any eggs that have been spawned.

Intelligent and Electronic Rodent Bait Stations

Traditional bait stations are a very effective way of catching and getting rid of rats and other rodents. As they rely on the use of poison, however, they can pose threats to other species of animals, many of which are protected. The alternative is similar to the electronic zapper mentioned above. Once a rodent has entered the bait station and stands on the metallic plate, it is electrocuted.

Not only is there no poison used, but death is almost instant, making it more humane for rodent pests.

Drone Pest Control Tech

Drones are often looked upon with raised eyebrows due to the dangers they pose on airlines, with some considering them to be nothing but expensive toys. However, they have been used effectively within the pest removal industry. Pest control firms that use drones use them to assess whether there is a pest problem, where the infestation is and how extensive it is. They are especially good for helping to inspect areas that are harder to reach for pest removal specialists.

Thermal Imaging Tech

Finally, another piece of tech that has become very useful to pest control companies is thermal imaging tech. As these are designed to detect sources of heat, they can be utilised to pinpoint where hidden nests and infestations are in a home, even if they are through a wall.

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