Drone Buying Guide 2020 – Find the Best for Your Budget

One of the most exciting and fun things to do is fly your own drone! These clever and innovative devices are all the rage right now, and while there are certain rules you need to follow, they are surprisingly affordable, and can also be useful. Drones for domestic use tend to be ‘quadcopter’ designs – that is, they are small devices with four propellers, powered by an electric motor – and are radio-controlled, and some can reach quite impressive heights. Flying a drone is a skill that needs to be learned, and the place to start is with a simple model.

How much are you likely to need to spend to get a decent drone? Some are several hundred pounds, and much more for the professional type used commercially, but you can buy a decent drone for a lot less. There is a great review that looks for the best drone under 150 that is a good starting point, so what can you expect to get for your money if you are shopping in this sort of range? You may be surprised to find you will get a pretty decent drone, and one that will offer some interesting features.

A Drone for Under £150

Can you buy a decent drone for less than £150? You can, and if you have that amount to spend you can find quite a good one. One of the factors that you need to consider with drones, however, is how much flying time you get from one battery charge. Even the most sophisticated drones will only fly for a matter of minutes before they need to be recharged, and with a cheaper drone such as those we are talking about, 10 minutes flying time will be about the standard.

This is why many people who fly drones buy spare batteries – one in the drone, and one on charge – so that they can be switched quickly and flying can continue, so it’s worth checking each model and seeing if standard batteries can be bought separately. What you also need to look for on a drone of this price is a camera. You’ll get quite a decent camera with your choice, and by installing an app on your smartphone will be able to stream what the drone is ‘seeing’. This makes them quite a useful tool for aerial photography!

Why Buy a Drone?

Most people who buy an affordable drone such as those in this price bracket do so for fun. There is a lot of enjoyment to be had from flying a drone, and kids can enjoy them too. They are easy to learn to fly – especially if you buy one that has features such as a hold button, whereby the drone will simply hover when you tell it to – and are also great for getting to grips with hand-eye coordination. Check out these cheap drones now, and you will find there is one that does the trick within your available budget.

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