Discover Relevant Experts Right Within Jira

When you are running a project, it can be hard to assign the right individuals to the right tasks. Depending on what everyone is working on at any given time, it takes a lot of time to determine who is free and who is not and who can be taken off one task and put onto another, to achieve the best results. If this sounds like a problem you have gone through in the past, you may find Skills for Jira helpful.

In the following post, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of using Skills for Jira. Before that, let’s explain what it is.

What is Skills for Jira?

Skills for Jira is a cloud-based app that has been designed to help customers with the distribution of tasks between the experts and specialists they have at their disposal. It does this automatically or provides assistance for human assignments. It does this by showing which of the matching experts or specialists are best for the task. This offers fantastic benefits when you are trying to get a project off the ground.

These benefits include:


It can be a stressful and very time-consuming task, trying to manage projects your business is working on especially when you are in charge of a project in a large organization. Either because you have a high turnover of staff or, many departments make it hard to keep track of who is working on what.

With Skills for Jira, these time-wasting problems are all but eliminated. You can use the knowledge graph feature within Skills for Jira to find the right individuals for specific roles and tasks on projects. Everything is quick and easy, meaning you don’t need to waste too much time and can get started on each new project.

Greater Efficiency and Productivity

When you make use of the Skills for Jira app, you not only make it easier and cheaper when finding the right people for projects, you can improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization. It’s not just about speed, you can find the individuals with the necessary clearance level or skill set for a specific task and assign them to it very quickly. There is no need to go on a hunt for individuals or to phone from one department to another to find available staff members – it’s all there to see through the app.

Gives Clients Greater Confidence

When your organization uses Skills for Jira to manage the team members assigned to your tasks and projects, it can have a great and positive impact on your clients. It shows them you are organized and able to take care of the project at hand. They won’t need to worry about time delays or problems with having the right skilled individuals on their projects. They can show them that you will always have the best people with the right skills, expertise, and knowledge working on their important projects.

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