Could Your Business Benefit from an Emergency Notification System?

It’s amazing to reflect on the fact that just a few years ago there was only one way for most of us to contact the emergency services: by a landline telephone. Today we have a choice of digital messaging systems that can be used via our mobile smartphones and tablets. Wireless Internet has moved communications into another realm.,

What’s also startling to consider is the sheer pace at which smartphones and the networks we use them on have developed. The first iPhone, Apple’s revolutionary device, was released to the public as recently as 2007! We’ve come a long way in just 15 years! What we’re looking at in this article is the new breed of emergency notification system which simplifies contacting emergency services and cuts down the time taken to do so. Let’s look more closely at what these systems are about.

What is an Emergency Notification System?

If you want an example of a typical modern-day emergency notification system, we recommend you have a closer look at RapidReach. This is a good example of an effective and well-designed system that will appeal to all types of business and other institutions such as those in healthcare and education.

How does it work? Typically, the modern emergency notification system will offer many ways to get in touch with the right emergency service. The user will have a list of emergency numbers in their phone or on the laptop or PC. These can be instantly accessed via your phone with a one-touch dial function, from a browser or even from a specially installed panic button, to name just a few options. Let’s talk about the type of businesses or other entities that use such systems.

Who Uses Emergency Notification Systems?

This sort of fast response communication system is useful across a wide range of commercial and industrial entities, as well as those in the service industry. A tool such as RapidReach will be of interest to the following sectors:

  • Health care institutions such as hospitals, care homes and surgeries.
  • Education centres including schools and colleges.
  • Chemical, oil, and gas industries.
  • Government buildings.
  • Road, rail, and aircraft operations.
  • Construction sites.
  • Port and harbour operations.
  • IT helpdesks and telecommunications service providers.
  • Hotels and hospitality.

Indeed, any building or institution in which people are present may find this sort of simple to use and efficient emergency notification system to be of great benefit in a time of crisis.

Why You Might Want to Investigate Further

There is no doubt that it has never been easier to contact the police, fire, and ambulance services than it is today. Add GPS tracking via your smartphone to a system such as that described in brief above and you have a fast and secure way of getting the help you need as quickly as possible. We have only touched the surface in terms of the capability of RapidReach and others, so please have a closer look and see how you can make your environment safer for all within it.

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