3 Everyday Things Which Technology Has Made Unexpectedly Better

While there are some technological advances which have given us the benefits we expected, what about the ones we didn’t expect? The following are some of the things which have gotten better in recent years without us even really noticing all that much.

Taking, Editing and Sharing Photos

For some people taking photos has always been fun but modern technology has moved it on a whole new level. For a start, most of us now walk about with the sort of quality camera on our phone which takes great photos effortlessly. It is then a real pleasure to edit them and share them with friends online. Can you imagine the difference if we now had to go back to the old days of using a big, bulky camera and only getting to see the finished version of the photos once the film was developed? It seems safe to say that it would be a lot less fun for most of us. Don’t forget that we can also take high quality videos wherever we go and instantly share them as well. This means that we can share our experiences almost as soon as they happen these days, which is a wonderful ability if you think about it.

Playing Bingo

What would people have thought a decade or so ago if you had said that bingo would be as popular with such a wide group of people as it is now. It is now a game which is widely advertised on TV and at sporting events, with people of all age groups enjoying the odd game. It wasn’t always like this though. The arrival of the internet and the software which makes online playing possible has elevated this classic game to previously un-thought of popularity. Sites like https://www.gamevillage.com/ provide a good example of the sort of place where you can play a lot of different internet games and even have a wager into the bargain. The popularity of gaming sites like this shows no sign of slowing down, with mobile access now letting even more people join them no matter where they are and what else they are doing.


Going on a trip to a lovely city and having a look around it has always been one of the great pleasures of life. However, it is now even more exciting for a number of reasons associated with technology. Even before you leave home you can look up Google Maps and see what the place is like, as well as learn some of the language online and find out about the best places to see. Once you are there you can use your phone or tablet for a variety of things. Perhaps the most interesting of all is the type of augmented reality app which really brings cities to life for visitors. With the number of these apps expected to grow in number over the coming years, we can all expect to be able to see the hidden treasures and secret stories of the places we visit.

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